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AgendaWorx Features

AgendaWorx is a world-class meeting manager tool

AgendaWorx is a world class online meeting manager tool and project management tool. It is easy to use for both secretaries and meeting attendees, allowing for public and private comments, notifications on action items, tasking team members and prioritisation . Attendees are able to perform tasks such as uploading private documents and maintaining their profiles

Before, during and after meetings

Set reminders, allocate task, mail attendees

Encrypted meeting

Why use Agendaworx?

AgendaWorx saves you time, money and makes you wildly efficient.

An easy-to-use, powerful & Secure Business Meeting Manager that can be used anytime, anywhere, AgendaWorx allows you to share and work on your online agenda packs with ease of use and speed!

Keep all copies of previous agendas with your own private comments
Access documents at each discussion item
Easy to use for both team leader and meeting attendees
Create and send minutes before your attendees have left the meeting
YES! You never have to sync between devices, download software or wait for updates
All the content and documents are encrypted

AgendaWorx Clients

From corporates to start-ups, so easy to use, everyone will enjoy it

AgendaWorx offers virtual meeting manager functionality to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a large corporate or a start-up business, we have an easy to use solution that everyone will enjoy. Some of our valuable list of clients includes:

How AgendaWorx Manager Works

How to videos, webinars and online support will get you going in no time

AgendaWorx is an Online Meeting Manager tool which allows you to access and comment on meeting packs from your phone, tablet or computer. Everything you do is backed up and available on whichever device you sign into. You won’t ever have to copy a document or transfer your comments to another device again. The Online Meeting Manager is fully integrated with everything. These simple to follow videos, webinars and online support will get you going in no time

Run wildly efficient meetings today

Our Options

An option to suit everyone

Self installation with easy training videos

Self installation with online support

We install it, ready for your first meeting

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