3 Rules – How to survive your first meetings in 2018

For many people 2018 will be a year of many firsts. You might be entering the workforce as a new graduate or you might be re-entering the workforce after a leave of absence. Whatever the case may be, we all have butterflies in our guts on that first day back at work, especially when we enter that boardroom for our first meeting of the year. Here are three basic ways you can prepare.

Adjust your attitude and your mindset will follow

Many of us have just returned from a relaxing holiday spent with friends and family, and the last thing we want to be doing is spending hours in a boardroom discussing the year ahead. Remember, you are not alone. Your colleagues most likely feel the same. So, why not kill the situation with positivity and kindness?

Be polite. Be curious. Be interesting.

Ask your colleagues about their break. Crack a polite joke about being back at work. Tell them how excited you are for the year ahead. Share ideas, strategies, and goals – leave the unpleasant matters for the second last item on the agenda and end off on a high note.

Embrace technology this year

Nothing drains a mood more than a 200-page agenda pack being dumped on the boardroom table! Get with the times and embrace online board packs like AgendaWorx. You can easily prep and plan for your meetings ahead of time and all you should do is have your PC or iPad charged and ready for your meeting. Say no to printing, papercuts, and headaches in 2018.

Be organised and prepared

Your first meeting of 2018 sets your mood and mindset for the year to come. So, it is best to be organised and prepared! Little things like looking professional, having the meeting room equipped with enough chairs, a working projector, and supplying snacks and beverages will have a significant effect on the tone for the year.

The number one way to beat jitters before a meeting is by being more than prepared. You should walk into a meeting feeling confident that you are an expert on your subject matter. Making detailed notes, reading the last meeting’s minutes properly, and knowing exactly what the purpose of the meeting is, will help you overcome any form of anxiety.

If you can stick to the three basic rules above, you are well on your way to mastering any meeting in your future. Here’s to lasting impressions in 2018!

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