3 Tips for embracing a paperless office

Employees don’t often like surprises. And by far one of the biggest surprises a company can throw at their employees is the announcement that they will be going paperless.

For years, people have relied on paper. Taking it away from them can be challenge, and you wouldn’t want to spook your employees, although they will have to accept change eventually. You would rather want to ease them into the new environment.

We’ve listed three ways you can try to ease them into the new paperless environment gently.

Demo sites and YouTube tutorials

Several meeting and office product providers, specifically designed to help you transform your office into a paperless environment, offer online tutorials or introductory YouTube videos. It might be a good idea to circulate these videos to your team members, so that they can all get used to the idea in their own time.



Urge your team members to prep without paper

The sooner your team starts experimenting without paper, the better. Urge them to rather use online tools to draft their daily to-do lists, or to plan their weekly calendar online instead of in a diary. The more they start using virtual tools in their daily lives, the less of a hassle the paperless switch will be.

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Share the advantages of a paperless office

A greater awareness of the benefits of a greener office could convince your team members to become more open to the idea. Here are some of the great advantages to share with your team:

  • More space. A paperless office uses less physical space when filing cabinets are removed.
  • No more losing documents. The chances of losing important documents are lower when filed electronically.
  • An opportunity to work remotely. Your employees will be able to work from anywhere and from any device.
  • Reputational benefits. Clients will be impressed with your forward-thinking, environmentally friendly approach.

Change can be overwhelming, but in this case, it is inevitable. The corporate world is shifting to digital and soon you will have to make the decision to transform too. You and your team can either decide to run with the pack and keep up, or be left out in the cold. The choice is up to you.

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