3 Tips – To attend, or not to attend?

We’ve all been dragged into meetings that turned out to be complete time wasters. Often, this is due to unclear agendas and a lack of purpose for the specific meeting. In some cases, you’ve been asked to join meetings that aren’t even related to your portfolio – but your presence would still be appreciated.

It’s important to know which meetings are crucial to attend. Should you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you can always suggest other ways to catch up and still prove beneficial. We’ve created a list of the important factors to consider when you are faced with the question – to attend, or not to attend?

Decisions, decisions, decisions

It’s quite easy – the most important meetings are the ones in which decisions are being made. The importance of the decision being made will determine whether this meeting should be attended in person or not.

Hint: You can always suggest a round-robin decision via email or an online board packs like AgendaWorx.


Project and status updates

Any “update” can be handled via email correspondence or an online board packs like AgendaWorx. The person responsible for a certain meeting agenda item can simply update the status of the item in the tool and a notification can be sent to everyone involved.

Catch up online

If your attendance isn’t 100% necessary, you can always ask to be excused and catch up on the meeting notes via an online online board packs like AgendaWorx. The notes made via AgendaWorx are instantly updated on all devices. Once the meeting is finished, you will be able to catch up on all the matters discussed from wherever and whenever you have time.


Your time is precious, and in business it is most likely costing you money. Embrace the online tools available and make your work life a whole lot easier for you and your team!

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