4 tips to make your meetings more successful

4 tips to make your meetings more successful

There is nothing more nerve-racking than going to a meeting with a potential client for the first time. In some cases, you meet with more than one person – sometimes the entire board. Everyone you meet could have a potential impact on your life. Each individual can help open doors to more opportunities, business connections, and other influential factors.

Making new acquaintances and business contacts doesn’t have to turn your insides into knots. We’ve compiled a list of tips to try, the next time you land up in this situation.

1.     Research

Be sure to research the company as well as the person you will be meeting with. This will reduce the potential for asking stupid questions, make you seem informed and interested, and it demonstrates dedication. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to start.

2.     Understand your potential client’s wants and needs

There is no harm in asking the person that you are meeting with to send through some main concerns or questions he/she has prior to the meeting. This way you can prepare for your specific audience and not waste anyone’s time. These questions and concerns are also a great resource when preparing for future meetings. You’ll often find that different people will ask the same questions about your service or product.

3.     Instead of namedropping, why not ‘techdrop’?

We’re not saying brag with every gadget you own! But there is no harm in mentioning that you are up to date with the latest technologies. Suggesting a meeting via apps like Skype or Zoom can make you seem tech savvy and in tune with the way the business world is moving forward.

4.     Body language

We’ve all been to a body language workshop or two. So, really, enough has been said about this topic. But are you truly implementing the eye-contact, no fiddling, no slouching guidelines when it comes to meetings? You’ll be surprised at how bad we really are. Brush up on your body language tips and practise ahead of your meeting.


How AgendaWorx can help

  1. AgendaWorx is a great preparation and management tool. You can prep for any meeting at any time by listing the topics of discussion you would like to touch on as your main items.
  2. The system will allow you to make notes during your meeting, so no need for a pen and notebook that might get lost, or notes that you struggle to decipher the next day. When the nerves kick in, our handwriting often suffers – by typing your notes you will curb this risk.
  3. AgendaWorx will also allow you to set reminders for specific items to which you want to pay special attention.
  4. If other colleagues who couldn’t attend the meeting, they can easily catch up on the notes you made on AgendaWorx.
  5. Remember, you can access AgendaWorx from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. So, there really isn’t any excuse to not have the tool by your side all the time.

Remember, in the end, we are all human. Even though another person might seem confident and in control – no one likes the unfamiliar. Don’t try and be smart and outshine another. If you approach people with humility and honesty, you will be greeted with kindness. If not… then maybe the problem isn’t you. Let go. Move on.

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