How to keep your meetings alive

We all dread meetings. Especially those meetings on perfect summer afternoons with an agenda pack that is hundreds of pages long. Although we can think of better ways to spend our time, meetings are necessary; and they can be less draining… if done the right way.

Here are four simple tips for how you can improve your employees’ attitude toward meetings.

Avoid death by PowerPoint

We can all agree that PowerPoint slideshows have become mundane and overused – especially if they are very text heavy. Nothing saps energy like an ill-prepared PowerPoint presentation. So, be sure to keep it short, relevant, interesting, and PLEASE practise your presentation beforehand.

Do project status updates online

Having a weekly status meeting takes up a good deal of time and can quickly become a boring office routine. Rather make use of online tools to keep everyone up to date with the latest developments on a project. A tool like AgendaWorx allows you to make notes for your fellow team members and send them reminders or notifications on the progress of a specific project.

Stick to one-on-one

Avoid interrupting all the members of your team for a meeting that will focus on only one aspect of a project. Rather opt for one-on-one meetings with the project leaders, and let the others pump their time and energy into the project.

Get outdoors!

You don’t need to be outdoors for every meeting but be sure to mix things up now and then. A change of scenery can do wonders for the soul. An easy online tool like AgendaWorx will allow you and your team to meet and collaborate from anywhere.

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