When people think of meetings, what is your first, gut reaction? Perhaps that they are generally boring and also not always conducted very effectively. However, there are definitely occasions when a meeting can be effective and even fun!

Brainstorming together as a creative team can be a great way to collaborate on different ideas and come up with one great collective solution or goal. Don’t be fooled, though. Even though it may be fun, team brainstorming is technically still a meeting, so it’s important to keep the strategies of conducting effective meetings in mind.

Here’s to better ‘brainstorming’ meetings!

  1. Elite club, invitation-only

This seems like such a no-brainer, but oftentimes a misconception that people may have (especially when it comes to brainstorming) is “the more the merrier.” Although it may be true that two brains can be better than one when it comes to solving a complex issue, quality is definitely more important than quantity here. You want people who are creative, vocal and willing to discuss problems openly to achieve the common goal.


  1. Grab hold of the end goal

As with any normal meeting, preparation is important. Good ideas require time and careful thought and don’t just occur spontaneously, especially not when the brain is put under pressure. Give the respective members sufficient time and space to individually brainstorm ideas before the actual meeting occurs. This will save time at the meeting, and also hopefully provide better ideas that can serve as the foundation for further brainstorming.


  1. Speak up or sit out

The specific members who were chosen to join the meeting were selected for a reason – they probably have the necessary expertise and information required for proactive discussions. The main reason to have a brainstorming session is to facilitate these discussions: without participation, the meeting might as well be cancelled. Encourage each member to speak up, because there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ idea – every idea is a building block towards the final brilliant brainwave.


  1. Don’t forget the fun

Begin with an ice-breaking game and let members get to know each other before starting the meeting. Use different colours and media to document your ideas. Creativity can be stimulated when members are relaxed and feel a certain level of trust in their team members. The ‘fun’ element could be an additional creativity booster.


By implementing some of the strategies above, you will hopefully begin to see more creative ideas and an increase in overall productivity in your team brainstorming sessions. Most importantly, remember that meetings CAN be fun and effective at the same time!

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