The top 5 worst meeting habits – avoid these at all costs!

We’ve all been there – a slow start to the day, dropping grumpy kids off at school, fixing our hair in the car because everything went wrong this morning – and then on top of it all we have that 9am strategy meeting that will eat away the rest of our morning and what’s left of our souls.

It’s no secret that some of us don’t like attending meetings, especially when it’s been a rough day, or when we know that work is piling up back at the office. And because of that, we develop some bad habits that manifest as a sort of ‘subconscious rebellion’.

Nobody wants to hear it… but your personal rebellion contributes to making meetings even worse for everyone, and on top of that, ineffective.

We’ve done some research and listed the top 5 worst meeting habits. These are often listed in blogs and articles about ineffective meetings. Have a look – can you identify with any of them?

Arriving late

If the meeting starts at 10:30am, you should be seated and ready by 10:30am. Minutes wasted are blood pressure problems gained for every person in the meeting room. Proper ethical behaviour will see you seated and ready at least 10 minutes before.

Arriving unprepared

We are talking about grownups who are still not doing their homework! It’s a complete waste of time when someone arrives ill-informed and unprepared for a meeting. Be warned – your own reputation will suffer.

Reading and responding to emails

Rather skip the meeting if you plan on completing other tasks during that time. You won’t be paying attention and you’re sending a message to the rest of your team that you have better things to do.

Texting, phoning, or emailing

No matter how you try and sugar coat it, taking a call or reading a text during a meeting is plain rude! We all have emergencies… so why not inform the people attending that you might be stepping out to take a call, prior to starting the meeting. Never take a call or send messages during a meeting!

Not sticking to the agenda

There are people who spend hours compiling meeting agendas, and for good reason. It allows a meeting to flow and move from point A to point B smoothly and on time. Not sticking to this programme interrupts this smooth process and ruins an otherwise perfectly timed meeting. Be sure to add all the points you want to discuss well in advance.

How AgendaWorx can help curb these bad habits:

  1. Online board packs allow for online meetings! You immediately cancel out the possibility of someone being late, because all they have to do is walk to their PC and login to the meeting via apps like Skype or Zoom.
  2. AgendaWorx allows you to assign specific people to tasks, as well as set reminders for that person for when the item should be actioned and completed. So, no one really has the excuse of being ill-informed.
  3. AgendaWorx allows you to neatly arrange your main and sub items for the meeting. It makes for a simple and effective way to work through an agenda, without the distraction of pages turning and people skipping ahead. It has a numbered list that you and your team can follow with ease.

Luckily, no matter what happens, everyone will be able to catch up on all the notes made during the meeting on AgendaWorx and view the projects they’ve been tasked with – whether they were present or not. It’s a win-win for all.

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