Continuous Collaboration

With AgendaWorx agenda software, we will ensure that your attendees will be able to collaborate seamlessly.  It is important for meeting attendees to be able to vote on polls, leave voice notes on agenda items, load private and public comments, upload revised versions of documents, upload documents with their own private comments and task other meeting attendees.

We have incorporated all of this into AgendaWorx over the years. So it really is a one-stop-shop for all delegate interaction, and we continue making improvements as we see new ways to simplify the lives of our clients.

In terms of collaboration, your meeting attendees will be able to seamlessly connect and get rid of all those unwanted emails.  They will be able to do the following:

Attendees can pull a report of all their action items in seconds, right there in the meeting or when preparing for their meeting
Sign documents and board resolutions easily
Create voting polls and surveys in seconds and get full reporting (available in html or excel)
Collaboration space: attendees can create and edit items for discussion, load documents at items for discussion, add voice notes and make public and private comments, task fellow attendees and request automatic reminders
Make voice notes or audio record decisions at every agenda item.  If you want the attendees to review your agenda, they can do so using voice notes at every item.  Quick and easy.
Task attendees easily.  AgendaWorx sends notifications if someone has been tasked and sends automatic reminders of action items on the deadline date.
Make PRIVATE and PUBLIC comments at every agenda or minutes item.
Review documents with full document version control
RSVP directly on AgendaWorx
Track their progress through the agenda
Vote on Board resolutions or on the acceptance of documents such as minutes of meetings
Receive notifications of new items published on the AgendaWorx site and comment on those
Edit their own profile and add a photo
Edit their password
Upload private documents

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