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AgendaWorx Features

AgendaWorx is world-class agenda software

AgendaWorx is an innovative meeting pack tool with  a host of features to create your board packs and agendas and keep track of and assign tasks to attendees. It is easy to use for both secretaries and meeting attendees, allowing for public and private comments, notifications on action items, collaboration, voice notes, surveys, tasking team members and prioritisation. Attendees are able to perform tasks such as uploading private documents and maintaining their personal profiles.

Before, during and after meetings

Set reminders, allocate task, mail attendees

Encrypted meeting

Why use Agendaworx?

AgendaWorx saves you time, money and makes you wildly efficient.

An easy-to-use, powerful and secure agenda software tool, AgendaWorx can be used anytime, anywhere. AgendaWorx allows you to share and work on your online agendas and minutes with ease of use and speed!

Collaborate: Comment, make voice notes, vote in polls, run surveys, edit items, prioritize items, send reminders, manage action items, sign documents, load a year plan and more...
Document Management: Annotate, review or upload private documents at each agenda item (with document version control)
Easy to use: for both team leader and meeting attendees
Fast: Create and send minutes before your attendees have left the meeting
You have control: Create your own comprehensive library and archive with access controlled reading rooms
Secure: All the content and documents are encrypted

Who can benefit from AgendaWorx?

From corporates to start-ups: so easy to use, everyone will enjoy it

Whether you are a large corporate or a start-up business who wants to impress clients in their meetings, we have an easy to use solution that will benefit everyone. From Retirement Funds to Medical Aids, AgendaWorx can make any meeting more effective.  It even manages your action items!  Get started today.

AgendaWorx is more than just an online agenda. 

You will be able to collaborate seamlessly with meeting attendees before and during your meeting in the following ways:

Make voice notes or audio record decisions at every agenda item.  No more wading through a 6 hour recording of your entire meeting to find one audio snippet 
Sign documents and board resolutions easily
Create voting polls and surveys in seconds and get full reporting (available in html or excel)
Collaboration space: attendees can create and edit items for discussion, load documents, add voice notes and make public and private comments, task fellow attendees and request automatic reminders
You can prioritize items with our easy Red, Orange and Green Tabs
Task attendees easily.  AgendaWorx sends notifications if someone has been tasked and sends automatic reminders of action items on the deadline date.
Manage your Year Plan. Load your year plan in the beginning of the year and AgendaWorx will automatically pull those agenda items into your future agendas during the year.

How AgendaWorx Agenda Software Works

How-to videos, webinars and online support will get you going in no time

AgendaWorx, agenda software, allows you to access and comment on online board packs from your phone, tablet or computer. Everything you do is backed up and available on whichever device you sign in on. You won’t ever have to copy a document or transfer your comments to another device again. The online board packs are fully integrated with everything. Simple to follow videos, webinars and online support will get you going in no time.


Our Options

An option to suit everyone

Package 1 - Agendas, Minutes, Year Plan, Signing Tools PLUS Enterprise Tools

Only R699 per user per month

Package 2 - Agendas PLUS Minutes PLUS Year Plan PLUS Signing Tools

R449 per user per month

Package 3 - Full Agenda Functionality

R399 per month

Prepare agendas easier, faster

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